DAEWOO DOOSAN Excavator Solar 225NLC-V Operation & Maintenance Manual 022-00036BE – PDF DOWNLOAD

DAEWOO DOOSAN Excavator Solar 225NLC-V Operation & Maintenance Manual 022-00036BE – PDF DOWNLOAD

Serial Number 1001 and Up

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DAEWOO DOOSAN Excavator Solar 225NLC-V Operation & Maintenance Manual 022-00036BE – PDF DOWNLOAD


DAEWOO DOOSAN Excavator Solar 225NLC-V Operation & Maintenance Manual 022-00036BE – PDF DOWNLOAD


  • Unsafe use of the excavator could lead to serious injury or death. Operating procedures, maintenance and equipment practices or traveling or shipping methods that do not follow the safety guidelines on the following pages could cause serious, potentially fatal injuries or extensive damage to the machine or nearby property
  • Please respect the importance of taking responsibility for your own safety, and that of other people who may be affected by your actions.
  • The safety information on the following pages is organized into the following sections:

1. “Location of Safety Labels” on page 1-4
2. “Summary of Safety Precautions for Lifting in Digging Mode” on page 1-12
3. “Unauthorized Modifications” on page 1-13
4. “General Hazard Information” on page 1-13
5. “Before Starting Engine” on page 1-21
6. “Machine Operation” on page 1-24
7. “Maintenance” on page 1-29
8. “Battery” on page 1-37
9. “Towing” on page 1-39
10. “Shipping and Transportation” on page 1-40
11. “Excavator Rated Lift Capacity Tables” on page 1-41

  • Improper operation and maintenance of this machine can be hazardous and could result in serious injury or death. Operator and maintenance personnel should read this manual thoroughly before beginning operation or maintenance.
  • Keep this manual in the storage compartment to the rear of the operator’s seat, and have all personnel involved in working on the machine read the manual periodically.
  • Some actions involved in operation and maintenance of the machine can cause a serious accident, if they are not done in a manner described in this manual. The procedures and precautions given in this manual apply only to intended uses of the machine.
  • If you use your machine for any unintended uses that are not specifically prohibited, you must be sure that it is safe for any others. In no event should you or others engage in prohibited uses or actions as described in this manual. Daewoo delivers machines that comply with all applicable regulations and standards of the country to which it has been shipped.
  • If this machine has been purchased in another country or purchased from someone in another country, it may lack certain safety devices and specifications that are necessary for use in your country.
  • If there is any question about whether your product complies with the applicable standards and regulations of your country, consult Daewoo or your Daewoo distributor before operating the machine.


DAEWOO DOOSAN Excavator Solar 225NLC-V Operation & Maintenance Manual 022-00036BE – PDF DOWNLOAD

Safety 1-1
To the Operator of a DOOSAN DAEWOO Excavator1-1
Location of Safety Labels 1-4
Summary of Safety Precautions for Lifting in Digging Mode1-12
Unauthorized Modifications 1-13
General Hazard Information 1-13
Before Starting Engine 1-21
Machine Operation 1-24
Shipping and Transportation 1-40
Excavator Rated Lift Capacity Tables 1-41
Operating Controls 2-1
Component Locations 2-2
Operator’s Area2-4
Operational Controls and Panels 2-5
Instrument Panel 2-14
Multifunction Gauge and Graphic Information2-19
Mode Selection Buttons 2-23
Setting Method for Main Menu 2-26
Heater and Air Conditioner Control Panel 2-30
Fuse Boxes 2-42
Miscellaneous Electrical Devices 2-43
Seat Adjustment2-45
Seat Belt2-47
Ceiling Cover2-48
Front Windows 2-49
Door Side Latch2-52
Miscellaneous Access Covers and Doors 2-53
Cab Storage Compartments2-54
Ashtray 2-54
Emergency Glass Breaking Tool2-55
Operation 3-1
To Handle a New Excavator3-1
Starting and Stopping the Engine3-2
Safety Lever 3-14
Travel 3-15
Operating Instructions 3-20
Operating Precautions3-25
Parking Excavator 3-30
Towing Procedure 3-31
Hydraulic Breaker3-32
Operating Techniques3-36
Operation Under Unusual Conditions3-38
Inspection, Maintenance and Adjustment 4-1
Preliminary Work Machine Setup for Maintenance 4-3
Table of Recommended Lubricants 4-5
Fluid Capacities4-7
Lubrication and Service Chart 4-7
Maintenance Intervals 4-10
10 Hour / Daily Service4-13
50 Hour / Weekly Service4-23
250 Hour / Monthly Service 4-27
500 Hour / 3 Month Service4-33
1000 Hour / 6 Month Service4-41
2000 Hour / Yearly Service 4-49
4000 Hour / Biennial Service4-54
12,000 Hour / Six Year Service4-55
022-00036BE Operation and Maintenance Manual Table of Contents 3
Venting and Priming Hydraulic System4-56
Handling of Accumulator 4-58
Fuel Transfer Pump (Option)4-59
Electrical System4-61
Air Conditioning System 4-65
Bucket 4-66
Bucket Shimming Procedures4-69
Track Tension4-70
Bolt and Nut Inspection 4-72
Maintenance in Special Conditions 4-73
Long Term Storage 4-74
Transportation 5-1
Loading and Unloading 5-1
Lifting With Sling5-4
Troubleshooting 6-1
Engine 6-1
Hydraulic System 6-2
Swing System6-3
Travel System 6-4
Electrical System6-4
Specification 7-1
Standard Specification 7-1
Overall Dimensions 7-2
Working Range7-4
Approximate Weight of Workload Materials 7-6
Index 1-1



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