Mercury Mariner 135hp 175hp 200hp Outboards Service Repair Manual Download

Battery Inspection
The battery should be inspected at periodic intervals to ensure proper engine starting
IMPORTANT: Read the safety and maintenance instructions which accompany
your battery.
1. Turn off the engine before servicing the battery.
2. Add water as necessary to keep the battery full.
3. Make sure the battery is secure against movement.
4. Battery cable terminals should be clean, tight, and correctly installed. Positive to positive
and negative to negative.
5. Make sure the battery is equipped with a nonconductive shield to prevent accidental
shorting of battery terminals.
Fuse Replacement
IMPORTANT: Always carry spare SFE 20 AMP fuses.
The electrical wiring circuits on the outboard are protected from overload by fuses in the
wiring. If a fuse is blown, try to locate and correct the cause of the overload. If the cause
is not found, the fuse may blow again.
1. Open the fuse holder and look at the silver colored band inside the fuse. If band is
broken, replace the fuse. Replace fuse with a new fuse with the same rating.
2. The fuses and circuits are identified as follows:
a. Accessories and Starting Circuit – 20 AMP Fuse.
b. Upper Voltage Regulator – 20 AMP Fuse.
c. Lower Voltage Regulator – 20 AMP Fuse.


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