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1949-1971 Volkswagen Repair & Tune-up Guide Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD


1949-1971 Volkswagen Repair & Tune-up Guide Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD

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1949-1971 Volkswagen Repair & Tune-up Guide Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD


1949-1971 Volkswagen Repair & Tune-up Guide Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD

Size: 36.2 MB
Pages :216
Format: PDF
Language: English
Brand: Volkswagen


1949-1971 Volkswagen Repair & Tune-up Guide Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD


  • To the casual observer, it would appear that the appearance of the Volkswagen “beetle” has not changed since the car was first sold in this country in 1949. However, there have been hundreds, if not thou- sands, of changes made on the inside and outside of this seemingly perpetual auto- motive design.
  • Because so many changes were made during an actual model run, the only sure way of telling the year of a Volkswagen is by looking at the chassis number of the vehicle. The accompanying chart gives the yearly chassis numbers, exterior and interior body changes, and the mechanical changes that apply to all Volkswagen beetle models since the first two were sold here in 1949.
  • Beginning with the 1965 model year, a nine-digit serial number system was instituted. In this system, the first two numbers are the first two digits of the car’s model number and the third digit stands for the car’s model year—“5” stands for 1965, “8” stands for 1968, etc. A tenth digit was added when production passed one million.


1949-1971 Volkswagen Chilton Repair & Tune-up Guide Manual – PDF DOWNLOAD

Chapter 1 Model Identification, Lubrication and Maintenance
Model identification, 1
Engine identification, 3
Vehicle identification – Type 1, 4
Vehicle identification — Types 1, 2, and 3, 6
Lubrication and maintenance 8
Routine maintenance, 14
Maintenance procedures, 15
Greasing front wheel bearings, 18
Care of the body, 22
Capacities and pressures, 24
Chapter 2 Engine Tune-Up
Chapter 3 Troubleshooting the Engine _
The engine, 43
Instruments, 46
Electrical test instruments, 48
The electrical system, 49
The starter, 49
The generator, 49
The ignition system, 50
The clutch, 51
Transmission troubleshooting, 53
Rear axle, 54
The fuel system, 54
Carburetor, 55
Brake system, 56
Disc brakes, 56
Steering and suspension, 57
Abnormal tire wear, 58
Chapter 4 The Volkswagen Engine
General engine specifications, 60
Major engine components, 66
Engine rebuilding specifications, 67
Valve systems, 79
Cooling system, 80
Lubricating system, 83
Exhaust system, 87
Distributor, 88
Torque specifications, 90
Chapter 5 Fuel System
Fuel system 104
Fuel inhection system 111
Fuel injection system Service 115
Carburetor Specifications 119
Chapter 6 Power Train
VW automatic stickshift 124
Fully automatic transmission 129
Clutch 130
The trans-axle assembly, 186
Transmission gear ratios, 137
Torque specifications, 155
Chapter 7 Suspension, Brakes and Steering
Suspension, 158
Brakes, 159
Brake specifications, 163
Steering, 175
Chassis and wheel alignment
specifications, 176
Torque specifications, 180
Chapter 8 The Electrical System ,
Electrical specifications, 184, 197
Starter, 196
Distn‘butor advance characteristics, 200
Ignition systems, 201
Fuses, 205
Lightbulbs, 206




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